This is a page about the eXolutio project. eXolutio is a tool for conceptual modeling of XML schemas on two levels, the platform independent and platform specific level. It has support for evolution of a set of XML schemas with change propagation. Thanks to mappings between the two levels, changes made in one place are propagated to all the affected schemas.

eXolutio is based on a set of conference and journal papers formally describing the underlying conceptual model for XML and its extensions towards XML schema evolution, integration and XML document revalidation. XML schemas can also be viewed and used as web service interfaces.

We have extended the previous version of our tool, XCase, towards automatic generation of lowering and lifting schema mappings for transformation of XML data to RDF valid against a specified ontology.


17.2.2012New version of eXolutio with OCL support and OclX library available in the downloads section.
28.5.2011eXolutio web site launch http://exolutio.com
5.5.2010Last XCase version http://xcase.codeplex.com

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